Julie Littlechild’s latest podcast with George Hartman is a must listen. Two of my favorite people with some great tips on referrals.

Tania D’Iorio, M.B.A.

Episode Transcript:

Julie Littlechild:
Welcome to another episode of Becoming Referable, the podcast that helps you be the kind of advisor people can’t stop talking about. I’m Julie Littlechild, and on this week’s show, Steve and I are speaking with George Hartman. George brings a really unique perspective because he’s been an advisor, an educator, as well as an industry executive. He’s written four best-selling books for financial advisors, and his latest, which is called EXIT is NOT a Four Letter Word – How to Transition Your Practice Profitability and Proudly, came out last year. Today, George is a consultant, a speaker and a coach, with his firm Market Logics, which he describes as being focused on helping both financial organizations and advisors realize the true potential of their business.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing George for many years and was excited to ask him about his thoughts about how the referral process is changing and what that means for advisors. We talk about the way referrals are made today, and both the pitfalls and the opportunities that these changes create. We focus in on what prospects do when they’re referred to you, the information they find, and the impact that has on the potential that you’ll ever meet. With that, let’s get to the conversation. George, welcome to the show, so glad to have you here.

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I want to make sure when someone does provide a referral or an introduction, I’m ready to receive it.

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