The Succeeding at Succession Program

Transitioning your practice profitably and proudly

Market Logics helps Advisors by providing a comprehensive process, backed by years of experience, to not only ensure a successful transition, but also to maximize the value of  their practice — today and for the future.

This program is specifically designed to assist advisors with the development and execution of their practice transition and succession plan. Creating a robust succession plan is simply good business, regardless of the stage of growth of a practice.
As a successful advisor, you actively promote advanced planning to your clients to help them achieve their financial goals. As a business owner, it is just as important that you do the same by creating an effective transition and succession plan for your practice.

“Beginning with the end in mind” is the best way to determine an appropriate path forward for most advisory practices, whether succession is imminent or many years down the road. By following our disciplined, yet fully customized approach, we inevitably discover new opportunities for the business to advance to a higher level of success through the transition period and beyond. Creating a robust succession plan is simply good business, regardless of the stage of growth of a practice.
The Succeeding at Succession Program™ is a multiple-part engagement process that typically lasts 3 – 6 months. We will assist you in mapping out an action plan at a level of granularity that facilitates timely and accurate deployment. We can also prepare a written report, documenting your objectives, personal responsibilities and activities that support your succession strategy. This will serve as a roadmap for the implementation of your plan, which is complemented by our initial coaching.

The Succeeding at Succession Process

Completion of a detailed questionnaire about your business and thoughts on succession.
Typically completed on-line, this comprehensive survey helps us get to know you and your business.

This 30-60 minute call allows us to personalize the agenda for our face-to-face time together to ensure it focuses on the key issues that are unique to your business.

We ask you to submit your most up-to-date business plan (if available), any practice valuation or valuation methodology developed so far and any additional information that you feel will assist us in gaining a better understanding of the dynamics of your practice and its potential.

Two intensive, on-site consulting sessions (typically ½ day each).
During the 8-10 hours we will spend face-to-face (typically spread over two days), we will want to hear your thoughts regarding the future of your practice and what ambitions you have for your personal transition from the business. We will explore:

  • Key factors that affect practice valuation
  • The importance of being prepared both financially and emotionally to leave your life’s work
  • Determining an approximate timeline for your plan to be successfully implemented
  • Choosing the exit strategy that best balances your personal needs with those of your business
  • What to look for in your successor and how to evaluate among candidates
  • Structuring a transition plan to maximize client retention and minimize business disruption

Email and telephone communication, as required.

Detailed, written report of findings and recommendations (if requested: additional fee applies).

Calls/meetings to ensure plan implementation for 90 days following agreement on the strategy.

If a formal practice valuation is required, the Succeeding at Succession ProgramTM may be combined with Market Logics’ Practice Valuation ProgramTM, at special pricing.

What our clients are saying

“The 2011 MDRT Annual Meeting was a phenomenal success and your excellent presentation was instrumental in making it a wonderful experience! The Program Development Committee hand-picked you to help create a memorable program and I know the ideas you presented in Atlanta will impact many of our members as they put them into practice in their own communities.”

Julian H. GoodCLU, ChFC, President, Million Dollar Round Table

“We had quite a successful investment management practice but felt we could take our business to the next level. George Hartman helped us define the most important things to move our practice forward. A few key changes made a big difference. I am indebted to George for providing guidance with respect to the strategic and tactical changes our firm needed to make in order to take our business to the next level.”

John HayesThe Hayes Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Brampton, Ontario

“Thank you for our most recent coaching session. Especially useful is the sample marketing/sales/service matrix, which we will use as a model for our “homework” assignment. April is proving to be another strong month with over $40,000 of new commission and fees for our group. We continue to be way ahead of last year and are excited about our progress! Thanks for  your help in our journey!”

Matt Taddei AXA Advisors, San Rafael, California

“George Hartman delivered a customized solution that focused specifically on our team. He has obviously been around and wasn’t afraid to ruffle my feathers if he thought I was wrong. I needed that.”

John O. RBC DS, Toronto, ON

“George Hartman is a wonderful man and teacher. The experience and knowledge he and his team deliver is exceptional. The rest is up to us.”

Robert K. Raymond James, Vancouver, BC

“Over the past two years, George Hartman has helped us transform our financial advisory practice.  We’ve examined every aspect of our business, built processes to manage marketing, sales and service delivery, and have learned to rely on team members’ expertise and enthusiasm to improve the day-to-day functioning of the practice. As a business development coach, George has guided, advised and occasionally provoked us into realizing our vision and pursuing our goals. At the end of each year, we look back to see which people in our lives have had the greatest influence over the year.  George is definitely at the top of our list!”

JoAnne AndersonPresident, MoneyPower Group, Raymond James